Restringing Rotary Valves

One thing that every f horn player should learn to do is to restring their instrument. Below are illustrations to help you along the way! Remember to practice, it gets easier the more times you do it. You will need a small screwdriver and some nylon string.

Deep breath. Here we go.

- Cut yourself a piece of nylon string - about 6 inches - and tie a knot close to one end
- Back off the two small string screws (not too far, you don't want to lose them!) and remove the old string.



- Pull your new string through the bottom hole in the arm, leaving the knot on the opposite side of the rotor.
- Pull the string up and over the large rotor screw and down the other side



- Loop the string around the small string screw, bringing the end out underneath, as illustrated.
- Lightly tighten this screw (not all the way!)



- Bring the end of the string back toward the arm and through the arm's top hole, being sure to stay underneath when passing the string that goes up around the rotor screw (as illustrated)



- Loop the string around the screw at the top of the arm, being sure to keep the end of the string passing under.
- Hold tense and lightly tighten this string screw.

Once your string is in place, adjust your spatula height by tightening or loosening the string. Once your spatula is at a comfortable height, tighten your string screws. Tighten the string screw on the rotor, first, then the one on the lever. Adjust to remove play as necessary. Be sure, once you've replaced all your strings, that your spatulas are straight across at an even height.

And you're done!

If you're having trouble restringing your instrument, feel free to drop by the shop for a quick lesson.